meet the

They're cute, They're Cuddly and they've completely lost their minds.

We've gathered up some of the most insane little critters to escape the Land Down Under and they're ready to party.

Join them on their adventures!

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Lots of Koalas.
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Life as a Koala has never been easy. Between the snakes, the dingoes, the wildfires, and the heatwaves, sometimes these clingy, adorable little teddy bears pop their noggins like a kernel of corn, and completely... totally... lose it.

These are the Koalunatics. They've ditched the trees and eucalyptus leaves for a one way crazy train ticket to adventure. Now they're gobbling, smoking, fighting, and fucking their way into trouble wherever they can find it.

Partner up with one or a few of these devious little gremlins, and see just what kind of craziness you can get yourself into.


0% Minting Begins

One by one, the world gets a little weirder. Get the Koalunatics out the door and into people's hungry little hands.

25% Minted

Koala story contest opens! Tell us how your Koala lost it!. What are they doing now, and will there be any survivors? Prizes for the best stories!

50% Minted

Donate $20,000 to help care for the not-yet-demented koalas back home.

75% Minted

At this point, we'll be up to our armpits in deranged marsupials. We're going to need someplace to keep them, before things get really out of hand. Now is when we begin construction on the Koalasylum, where the Koalalunatics and their owners can hang out, trade stories about their adventures, and be admired by all.

100% Minted

Donate another $40,000 to help offset damage from the crazy wildfires and heatwaves that have been kicking koala ass the last few years.


A legit mystery of science, the artist has been running on just four senses since an undiagnosable disease left doctors around the globe scratching their heads, and Covfefe without hearing at the age of 9. Told he was unlikely to make it through primary school, he locked onto the visual arts, where he went ahead and excelled. Determined to shine, he's tapped into every known style and visual artform he can find, and continues to push his limits on finding new ways to communicate with light and color. Once condemned to failure, now condemned to success.

A medical mystery.
A visual maestro.
A living inspo.

The prodigal son of Chandler Bing, now here to take your Eth.


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